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Moleskine Voyageur Notizbuch Braun
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A new sized notebook for Moleskine in a portable format designed to store printed emails, itineraries and maps. The essential travelling companion that keeps track of your observations and explorations on the road, so you can concentrate on posting your pics for the folks back home. Explore, observe, remember, share. Step into your next trip with the new Voyageur notebook, the paper companion that fits seamlessly into your digital lifestyle with its unique format. The canvas cover adds an organic feel to the familiar Moleskine features, but there's many ways to bring the web to its pages. The travel companion that follows your journeys from start to finish Detachable checklists and all three Moleskine paper types ( plain, ruled, dotted) are all contained inside, with more available for free download on myMoleskine. Print out your itineraries and content from any URL in exact Voyageur dimensions using the MSK2 online tool and paste them onto the pages, or fold them in 4 and slip them into the back pocket so you won't be searching for that crumpled hotel booking on arrival. I'm here Pose with the paperband and hashtag it #m_iamhere to tell your friends and followers that you're on the road.

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