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With our tour you 'll have a nice walk between roman monuments and stunning panoramas, while our guide (wich are professional photographers/videomakers) will take photos of you in the great beauty.You can choose between 3 different services:Tour + bookTour + holiday movieTour + book + holiday movie Spazio figura is a professional studio based in Rome, working in cinema and fashion world.If you want to feel like a real influencer, or just want to take good memories of your holidays, buy our tour and make your real Roman Holidays experienceNOTICE The tour can be shared with other people:the services are not personal, so you can share the tour in couple, with your family or friends, but we do suggest to buy a tour between no more than 5-6 people to have the chance to have personal portrait and group pics. If your group is larger than 6 people consider to buy more than 1 tour, so you will have more than 1 photographer and the chance to get the best from this experience

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