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The Hook-Up Experiment: Experiment Series, Book...
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1. Hate - screw my high school nemesis.2. Remember to hate him.3. Prove my brother wrong.It should be easy. It isn´t.As the owner of Pick-A-D*ck, New Orleans´ premier hook-up website, my job is simple. Connect two people for a no-strings, no-expectations hook-up. The plus for my clients is that I´m the one who gets to sift through the d*ck pics - except this time, they´re required.My problem? My brother, co-owner of Pick-A-D*ck´s sister dating site, doesn´t believe it´s possible to hook up with someone three times and not fall in love. I disagree. I know it´s possible. And my disagreement is exactly how I end up reconnected with my high school nemesis, Elliott Sloane. The guy who asked me to junior prom and then stood me up. Who egged my car when I rejected him, and convinced my senior homecoming date to ghost me.It should be easy to hate - screw him. If only he was still that person, instead of a hot-as-hell single dad, working as a builder to make ends´ meet, fighting for custody of his daughter. Three hook-ups. One outcome. Right?Contains mature themes. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Loretta Rawlins, Aiden Snow. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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